Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wanted 2 Mark Millar

You've probably heard that Angelina Jolie isn't reprising her role in Wanted 2. Well I don't mind, after all she was shot in the head in the first film! But her leaving could have put the franchise in jeopardy: we all know how easily the studios can get cold feet. But it looks like there is enough confidence in the Wanted franchise to go keep going even without Angelina Jolie. Scriptwriter Mark Millar gave an update to MTV:

"What they're talking about is just moving on with the story and doing it properly. Just bringing in another cool character as this world opens up with all the different fraternities out there all across the world. This could change at any moment, but the last I heard two weeks ago, was that was the plan moving forward."
Mark Millar

New character and new fraternities? Hell yes! but please, the new character has to be at least as deadly sexy as Angelina Jolie!